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Is It Coffee or a Strong Adrak Wali Chai? Which One You Like

Benefits of Tea

  Presently if you are in Kolkata, then it has to be the second option, which is enjoying a cup of chai. People in Kolkata love chai, and this affection for the beverage tends to grow from college and becomes even stronger with age. Even after indulging in a Starbucks coffee, many would gladly opt […]

The Super Delicious and Flavorful History of Indo-Chinese Cuisine

Indo-Chinese Cuisines

Kolkata is renowned for its diverse culinary landscape, with several restaurants and street sellers offering their own distinctive takes on Indo-Chinese cuisines. Chinese food has grown to be a significant part of Kolkata’s culinary scene, and its influence has extended to other regions of India, where it has developed into a well-liked culinary trend all […]